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Daniel's Wine Club

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Daniel's Wine Club
Toyohashi store

Store name: WINE SHOP Arte Solores 61 Shinyoshicho, Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture 440-0871
12 minutes walk from Toyohashi Station 3 minutes walk from Shinkawa Station

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Charm of the Toyohashi store

Daniel's Wine Shop Toyohashi is a store specializing in Eastern European wine located in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. We carry wines from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Georgia, Czech and Azerbaijan.

The trade name is "Arte Solores", which means "sisters of art" in Latin. The store name is inspired by the team members Chris and Valentina who work together at the Toyohashi store.

We provide delicious wines in a warm space with a handmade feeling, and emphasize not only the deliciousness of the wines, but also the character of the grape varieties, the passion of the winemakers, the characteristics of the terroir, and the culture of the production area. . We aim to be a store that can contribute to the rich wine life of Toyohashi wine lovers.

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Exterior of Daniel's Wine Club Toyohashi