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Fetească Albă

Feteasca Alba

Fetească Albă is an ancient indigenous grape variety in Romania. 

It is a delicate and elegant grape variety that is highly influenced by terroir, often expressing the characteristics of its growing region. Its character is somewhat similar to Chardonnay.

Fetească Albă wines are known for their subtle and refined aromas and flavors, showcasing elegance and finesse.

Wines made from Fetească Albă are often dry or off-dry, with a well-balanced combination of alcohol, fruitiness, and acidity. They have a highly floral aroma profile, with notes of grape blossoms, citrus, acacia flowers, peaches, and hay.

When harvested late, Fetească Albă can also be used to produce sweet wines suitable for long-term aging.

While stainless steel tank aging is typical, oak aging can add complexity and elegance to the wines.

Fetească Albă is mainly cultivated in Romania (a staggering 11,933 Ha, in 2023), with modest surfaces found also in Moldova (651 Ha, in 2019) and Hungary

Inaccurate information

While the Japan Sommelier Association textbook and many Japanese-language websites introduce Fetească albă as a native variety of the Republic of Moldova, this is incorrect. Its origin is in Eastern Romania. It is also registered as a Romanian variety in the VIVC (Vitis International Variety Catalog).

    Fetească albă wines

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    カステル・フェテアスカ・アルバ 2002年 / Castel Feteasca Alba 2002
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    Castel Feteasca Alba 2002


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    ラダチーニ・フィオーリ・フェテアスカ・アルバ  2021年 / Radacini Fiori Feteasca Alba 2021
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    Radacini Fiori Feteasca Alba 2021

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