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Why a bicycle discount?

The bicycle discount is our way of promoting eco-friendly transportation and reducing carbon emissions. We believe that using bicycles for commuting or visiting our stores is not only environmentally responsible but also a healthy and sustainable choice.

By offering a discount to customers who choose to ride their bikes, we hope to encourage more people to adopt this eco-conscious mode of transportation. It's our small contribution to a cleaner and greener future.

Who gets a bicycle discount?

You get a bicycle discount if:

  • You come to one of our shops by bicycle
  • You walk to our store from your home
  • You walk to our store from a train, subway, tram, or bus station

Please let us know if you meet the criteria above and wish to apply for the bicycle discount when you visit one of our stores in Yokohama or Toyohashi for in-store purchases.

Please note that this discount is applicable for in-store purchases only and does not apply to products that are being delivered.