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Why the Eco-bag discount?


We all live in the same environment and operate within the same society. The responsibility for the environment and society falls on all individuals and companies. We all have a responsibility to actively contribute to solving our society's issues. 

With gratitude for the land that provides us with delicious grapes and wine, we believe that we must do everything we can to protect the environment. At Daniel's Wine Club, we see eco-bags as one way to address the plastic waste problem and protect the environment.



Under the motto "Love Wine, Love Nature," we have created an original eco-wine bag brand.

These stylish eco-wine bags are suitable for regular wine bottles and wider sparkling wine bottles. They also feature side storage space on the outside of the bag handles, making them very convenient for storing items like notebooks, books, or magazines.

Eco-bag discount

Bring Daniel's Eco-Bag when shopping at our Yokohama or Toyohashi store. You can enjoy a special eco-bag discount and the regular member discount.

The list of our available eco wine bags: