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Wine and English Conversation [Intermediate]


Wine and English conversation class hosted by Daniel's Wine Club. 1 minute walk from Ishikawacho Station.

This class is for those who can understand English to some extent. The pace is faster than the beginner class. This class is designed to help you acquire the English terminology of the wine industry and to be able to use it practically. I can speak English, but I'm a beginner when it comes to wine! You are also very welcome.

This class focuses on the words and expressions used at the WSET, a wine school in England, so it is also recommended for those who are trying to take exams such as the WSET.

Focus on outputs as well as inputs. You can pursue both wine and English at the same time, and adopt a study method that is easy to fix in your head.

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2023.12 (07-14-21-28) / December - 4 lessons [Wine & English / intermediate class] 1,000 Yen discount
8% off
Members only
2024.01 (11-18-25) / January - 3 lessons [Wine & English / intermediate class] 1,000 Yen discount
10% off
Members only

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