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Honmoku Store Concept

Daniel's Wine Club - Honmoku is a specialty store where you can find over 300 wines from Eastern Europe. We offer a diverse selection of wines from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Greece.


In the same location, we also manage a 260 sqm warehouse, from which we make daily deliveries throughout Japan. The warehouse has a capacity of 50,000 wine bottles, with temperature and humidity strictly controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Daniel's Wine Club Honmoku store is located on Honmoku Street, in front of the Honmoku 1-choume intersection, across from 7/11.

Daniel's Wine Shop Honmoku (Yokohama)


  • ZIP Code: 231-0806
  • Yokohama, Naka-ku, Honmoku-cho, 1-9
  • 横浜市中区本牧町1-9-1F


    ① By train (JR Lines)

    It's a 20-minute walk from JR Yamate Station.

    ② By bus

    Just 1 minute away from Honmoku 1-choume Station (本牧1丁目). The bus lines that stop at Honmoku 1-choume Station are:

    • Departing from Yokohama Train Station
      - line 105
      (approximately 30 minutes ride)
    • Departing from Sakuragicho Train Station
      - lines 101, 105 and 106.
      (approximately 20 minutes ride)
    • Departing from Motomachi Bus Station
      - lines 101, 105 and 106.
      (approximately 8 minutes ride)
    • Departing from Negishi Train Station
      - line 101
      (approximately 20 minutes ride)

    Ride your bike!

    Here at Daniel's Wine Club, we're all about supporting eco-friendly transportation and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. When you choose to ride your bicycle, you're showing love for the environment. As a token of our appreciation for your sustainable choices, we're happy to offer you an extra bicycle discount on top of your membership discount. Check out the details here.


      Working Hours

      The online store's working hours are identical to Daniel's Wine Club - Honmoku's working hours. Our dedicated team is available to assist you during the following hours:

      Wine tastings, courses and events in the Honmoku Store

      Daniel's Wine Shop Honmoku Courses and Events

      At Daniel's Wine Club - Honmoku, we host various courses and social events exclusively for our club members. Additionally, our location is available for private events or courses for rent. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more details.

      Please check out the list of wine tastings, courses and events at this location.

      We look forward to providing you with a wonderful experience and hosting your events in our space. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or inquiries.